Can you believe I have ten million dollars? Yeah, me neither. Walking down the block one day I just happen to come across a dog. Looking at its collar, I figured out who the owner was and decided to do my good deed of the day by bringing it home. To my surprise the dog was very rare and a prize winner belonging to a very wealthy family. There is a reward for this dog I soon found out from the house keeper who answered the door. She told me to hold on and wait till the owner could pay me. To my delight the owner handed me a check in an envelope. This was more than I expected. Little did I know when I got to the bank and opened it how much it was written for!.

Naturally I wanted to just take the money into a suitcase and run with it, but that was not an option. I told the teller to put all the money into checking. Her eyes lit when she saw the check and looked at me as if she found a husband. It is amazing what money can do to a person or those that they interact with. The next thing I did was go down to my job at the restaurant. I told my boss I was thankful for the opportunity he gave me, but I will no longer be needing to work here. I said goodbye to my friends at work and then went on my way to spend all my money in my head. But first, I decided I need a plan of action. First I decided I wanted to finish school at least at Suffolk Community College, although I would switch my major. I wanted to learn auto mechanics. I love cars and was always interested. So with that I changed my curriculum. I wanted to be a part-time mechanic at a local auto shop. That is all I decided I wanted to do as far as education.

Being that im only nineteen years old I did not exactly need a house yet. So I decided I would help my struggling mother by buying her a nice little house close to her employment. Ironically that instant my mother called my cell phone. I told her I need to speak with her. So I went home and broke the good news to her.