On September eleventh I went to school like I would any other day. I came into school and went to all of my class's like a regular day would be, not know what was in store for us later in this tragic day. The events of September eleventh would soon effect the lives this great nation.

Mid -way my period 5 class, which was Mrs. Wilkinson Computer Applications class, Ken Castelone, the Business department head came running into our room. He explained and told the class that planes had flow into the World Trade Towers in New York. At first our class was thinking that he was joking around, because Mrs. Wilkinson kind of snickered when he had come in and said that. Up until that day, no one would have thought people would fly a plane into a building, let alone two! Our class basically shrugged it off, but as class went on, not exactly sure if he was serious or not, we all started to wonder and became curious. Mrs. Wilkinson went to the office, and was told not to tell us, but seeing how we already had heard about it, she must have felt obligated to tell us.

Class had ended and the school day went on. People were pretty skeptical about the idea because not everyone had known about what had happened, until second to last period of the day. The loud announcement system came on with our principle voice, telling us of what had happened earlier in the day, giving the exact time of the planes hitting the buildings. This is when everything settled into my head. I couldn't believe this, we were under attack.

The school day ended and a couple buddies of mine that lived down the road had come over, we were all home alone, and not sure of what was going on. That day we had watched the news for at least four or five hours. Watching the planes hit the buildings over and over again. The more I saw this, the more anger I became, and I hate to see this, the more racist I had instantly become towards the middle east or anyone that looked like them.