You need not spend your life wallowing in failure, ignorance, grief, poverty, shame and self-pity! There is always a better way to live!" (Mandino.A Better Way To Live.1990.) Og Mandino was a good writer because of his religious and inspirational books such as A Better Way To Live, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and Mission:Success!.

First and foremost, the book A Better Way To Live shows Og Mandino's own life story of success. The book showed people how was Og Mandino as a "normal" person who was once a thirty-five-year-old derelict who could have just spent his last few dollars on a "suicide" gun. It described the joyously redemptive process of a man who was an alcoholic into a millionaire and happy being within ten years. He devoted all his time to writing and lecturing that most people found miracles in his words. In this book, he also followed certain rules that eventually became his "footsteps" to success. These rules are called the "Seventeen Rules to Live By;" these are the following lines:.

1. "Always count your blessings.".

2. "Do things more than you are getting paid to do.".

3. "Don't look back at your mistakes too long.".

4. "Always think about your family.".

5. "Follow your heart and God's mission for you.".

6. "Your actions can tell what you are.".

7. "Remember that each day is a special gift from God.".

8. "Always have the time and space to grow.".

9. "Live each day as if, it is your last day.".

10. "Treat everyone with care, kindness, and understanding.".

11. "Never take life too seriously.".

12. "Take time to also think about little things.".

13. "Welcome each brand new day with a smile.".

14. "Always be patient!".

15. "You are the only master of yourself.".

16. "Think about good things in life; think positive!".

17. "Give time to reach out and share happiness with others.