Dave Pelzer's A Child Called "It", is an extremely popular biographical book. His story has given many people a different but shocking view about child abuse. "Just let me eat. Hit me again, but I have to have food." It is sad that children that you don't even suspect of being abused are going though so much pain and suffering during their early years. The author's intent of this book was to show how serious child abuse gets as well as the unimaginable things that happen. Children raised in abusive families have written about their experiences in hopes to help others in the same situation. It's not Dave's fault for the abuse but often it is the parent who inflicts their own personal pain toward the child. What can be so tragic in one child's life might ultimately help some other child from suffering a similar fate.

Dave did nothing wrong to deserve being beaten. It was his mother's fault. Dave's mother wasn't always an abusive parent. She just couldn't help herself. In the earlier years they lived just like a regular family until his mother became addicted to alcohol. She started to focus her anger out on Dave and treated him like a slave. Dave became known as "it" or "boy" to his mother. "Santa only brings toys to good boys and girls." He wasn't doing anything wrong besides stealing food to stay alive for another day. His mom soon stops giving him food and new clothes for school. He wants to get help so desperately from his father but he is a firefighter and often works 24-hour shifts. His dad wants to help but he doesn't want to deal with his wife. There is no one to protect him from his mom. School was a safe haven for Dave and he always made sure that he was there every day. After his mom stopped giving him food, Dave started to steal food from the other kids at school. When they found out who had been stealing from them, Dave started to take frozen food from the cafeteria. He was caught stealing again.