This is a day of disbeliefs and one we will never forget. A day a mad man took away our family and friends without regret. This is a day the planes hit and the towers shook a fell. A day the innocent thought of my god this is hell. This is a day we grieve the lost and the brave. A day our lives were left in total dismay. This is a day that will live forever in our nightmares and dreams. .

September 11th, a day to remember. The world went on a tragedy alert. And what happened on September 11th was the biggest tragedy I had ever seen. Memories still fresh in my mind where kamikaze planes crashed into skyscrapers and people jumping off the building. Then there were the magnificent twin towers collapsed into a heap and took with them some 3000 lives in less than a minute. It is indeed a blue and grey day for Americans as well as people of the world, for some I can say.

One of the questions that I have about the September 11th attacks is "How could a person or people live with their self or their selves knowing what they have done, knowing how many people will be affected or killed by the decisions that they have made?" Imagine waking up one morning minding your own business, and discovering that one of the most important economic trading centres had turn into a heap. 7 days.I cried for 7 straight days after the attacks, couldn't sleep right, couldn't study, and hardly ate. It was all I thought about, those poor firemen, policemen, workers, pilots and passengers. I thought about how the city which I spend my early years of childhood ached and bled thousands of times over, and how I would never see the "brothers" as I always referred to them, watching over the rest of the city like good brothers do.

I always thought being young was a good enough excuse for not having patriotism. I never worried about freedom, and never even thought that much about the pledge of allegiance. It never crossed my mind that the things that I learned in history class were things that someone once lived through.