Often parents make choices without thinking of the impact it will have on their children.

The attached photograph shows me holding my niece on her first birthday. Although this was a .

happy time for Kyla and I, Kylas mother and father have many problems and I wonder what life .

will be like for her in the future.

My brother, Kylas father, has a problem with alcohol. He has gone to many rehabilitation .

centers, but has not found help yet. The farm where the photograph was taken is the latest .

rehabilitation center for him. It is here on this farm where they are teaching him responsibility. .

My mother, aunt, and I took Kyla to the farm so she could be with her father on her first birthday.

Kylas mother has also had problems with substance abuse. She is a pharmacist. Though her work she became addicted to prescription drugs. She and my brother are not together and are fighting for custody of Kyla.

My brother is only allowed to see his daughter every other Sunday.because of the custody battle. It worked out well that my brother was able to see his daughter on her birthday.

I"m vary happy to be with Kyla on her first birthday. Kyla is my first neice and she means a lot to me. In the photograph Kyla doesn't seem to know the importance of this day. .

She is care free now, but the problems her parents have may indicate problems for her future. .

I hope that Kylas parents will get tier lives back in order so that Kyla might have hope for a better future. .

What will kylas future hold? Her parents problems make me worry about her. .

One single photograph can't capture all the drama of life. Although Kyla and I had a good time on her first birthday, the circumstances surrounding that day might indicate a hard life for Kyla. I hope I will make better choices in my life. .