It was a calm and sunny Sunday morning in summer. I woke up a lot earlier than usual because something exciting was going to happen! Quickly dressed up and prepared for the things I would have to bring away, I ran downstairs and had breakfast with my family. After everything was all set and done, we were ready to begin our journey to the beach!.

After half an hour of driving, we finally arrived at the beach. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in my life. It was about noon time. The beach was not very crowded with people. The weather was so good that we could hardly see any cloud in the sky. The ocean was so beautiful with the reflection of the sunlight. Because of the reflection, there were rainbows shining on the ocean. The sand on the beach was in golden colour. The combination of the sky, the ocean and the sand made the beach a very beautiful scene like a paradise.

One of the activities we did on the beach was to lie on the sand and listen to the sound made by different kinds of creatures and things on the beach. There was the sound made by the small waves of the ocean created by the breeze hitting the shore. There was also the sound made by seagulls flying freely in the clear blue sky. The most pleasant sound to me was the laughter made by the small kids playing and running around on the beach. Listening to their happy voices made my mood become so good and relaxed my whole body.

It was noon time. The sunshine was very strong and violent, but it was not a problem for us because there were big palm trees on the beach. Sitting under the big shadow made by the leaves of the trees was the best way for us to get away from the sunlight. The shadow also protected our skin from burning in the sun and made us feel very relaxing and comfortable. Because the beach was not very crowded, we had a very big area of private place where we could enjoy together and had a great family time.