In the novel A Simple Plan, by Scott Smith, the reader discovers how a peaceful, quiet and happy life of a person can be instantly changed by an event which he or she considered to be a sign of happiness and prosperity. However, sometimes those events, which we often dream about, result in a complete destruction of our lives and personalities. Sometimes, the gifts of fate have devastating effect on our families, friends and other people we know. A Simple Plan, is a novel about the devastating effect of a sports bag filled with money which was initially supposed to be a sign of luck and an answer to all of the problems for the two brothers and a friend, but turned out to be the cause of grief, sorrow and personal destruction of their personalities and their lives.

Main Characters .

Hank Mitchell - The main character of the novel who lives in a small town .

of Delphia, 30 miles east of Asheville, Minnesota. He is .

happily married to his classmate from college. His wife .

is expecting their first daughter. Hank has a job at Delano .

Feed and Grain Mill as an assistant manager and head .

accountant for a modest, but sufficient salary so he can .

afford to by a house for his family and pay bills. Hank .

has a brother Jacob, but his relationship with Jacob is not .

a close one, because Hank feels that his brother is very .

different from him. .

Jacob Mitchell - The older brother of Hank with a difference of three .

years. He did not obtain a good education by dropping .

out of high school and worked all his life on the farm .

owned by his father who passed away while Hank was in .

college. Jacob rents a small apartment above the hardware .

store in the town where he was born. He works on a .