I've always wanted to learn, and do the best that I could. Everything had to be just right, or it was a failure, and therefore I failed often. That was fine, or so I thought, because it kept me striving for better and more. It may be a way to improve, but it's certainly not the best. Being a perfectionist, I wanted the best. I"m not sure when it started, but I noticed the problems that it caused early on. At first, I wanted to be the best at everything. However, the more things I attempted, the more things I gave up on because someone was better. At that point, I just wanted to be best at something.

DREAM: I am standing by a creek. It is very dark, and it looks cold. The wind blows softly, but it is whistling. The only light is the white candle in my hand. I see a wooden bridge, and my family and closest friends are standing on one side of the bridge. They are silvery and incandescent, but they don't look resemble ghosts. They have a blank expression among their faces. They are dressed as prisoners in torn, black, ragged clothing; and they look as if they are there for a long time. I begin to walk towards them, because they look trapped and I wish to help them. I glance sideways; then, all of a sudden, my candle goes out, and I don't know where the bridge is anymore. I raise my foot to take a step, and then I hear a piercing sound of "craaaaaaaaaack". However, the bridge doesn't break. My feet take me across in the darkness, unharmed. .

INTERPRETATION: I can see two possible meanings based upon my personal symbols. One is that I have an important task ahead of me, which I have to carry out (my friends and family represent the personal importance of my task). The other is that I have some past secret, unhappy situation or unfinished business (represented by the ghosts), which I need to deal with. In both cases, I am facing a difficult but essential task, which I fear to carry out.

The incandescent figures represent both my fears about the task (the black of their clothes and their ghostliness are both associated with fear) and my desire to carry it out (they are my family, and I want to help them).