Every parent should have goal and aspirations. For me I have many one of such is to become the best parent, a successful parent for my children. My name is Jane Smith a native of Jamaica, I grew up in a very unfortunate situation but I will not allowed it to stop me from achieving my goals however I will always remember my past. What kept me rooted and grounded is that I am persuaded to give my children the life that I did not have as a child growing up.

Any thing you want in life you can have it. .

I have a started on a career path which steered me in the right direction towards my goal. I have successfully completed my high school education, and I am now furthering my education, to achieve an Associates Degree. My studies, although it can sometimes be overwhelming but I am loving it every step of the way. My current job pays very little but I am determined to carry on to the end. This is just a beginning , because there is a difference in loving something from having a passion for something.


I have a passion for people, music and money. I began developing a passion for music as a young child seeing my mother composing her own music in which she along with her sisters produces . I saw how my mother struggles with us. I wanted better for me and my children and therefore grew the desire to become a more successful parent. I am not satisfied with where I am now therefore I began my Associates of sciences in management, after this I would like to go on to my masters degree in psychology and then towards my Doctorate in family council.

I have a hunger knowledge and education the fact that I am not finish as yet. Wanting to be the best parent is what keeps me focus. I have things to do. places to go and people to meet therefore I will not quit, all these things I can achieve through hard work and dedication and with God I can do all things.