Since Australia was made up of six different colonies, they were fighting all the time over petty disagreements between the colonies. Over time, they realised the disadvantages that came with being six different colonies in one country, and knew that something had to be done.

They realised, that if they joined together they would be one colony, instead of six. This brought many advantages to Australia and its people, that otherwise wouldn't have existed.

Some of these advantages are:.


If Australia was one colony, the people of Australia could trade with people from all around the country, instead of just their state, which brought more chances and opportunities of successful trades than what there was before, when they could only trade within their own state. .

This meant that small businesses around Australia could trade with other business around the whole of Australia, to get better appliances and trading deals which could boost their sales. .

Therefore, with the ability of being able to trade around Australia, their business could become much better than what it could have been otherwise.

"One People, One Destiny".

Like the quote from Sir Henry Parkes suggests, Australia would be one big colony, instead of six small ones, which would mean that Australia would have a name of its own. Instead of being known as "the colonies of Australasia", it would be known as "Australia". This, apart from being much easier to say, also means that we are one colony, not six. .

We are not a divided country, but one whole country, joined together to make Australia.

"One People, With One Destiny".


How is Australia meant to defend itself against another country that might want to invade? If another country came to New South Wales and wanted to take over that state, how would New South Wales defend itself? It would be one country against one colony, which isn't a good chance of winning for New South Wales at all.