This essay will state how drug use is a form of deviance. It will also show how alcohol is a form of deviance, even thought it is legal, and conventional. Then I will expain what I consider to be deviant when it comes to alcohol and drinking. Keep in mind that deviance is a matter of relativity and degree, it's behavior, beliefs or characteristics that violate, depart or deviate from basic norms and ae likely to generate negaive reactions.

Drug use is a form of deviance. Deviant behavior is shown in cases of the wrong substance being taken, doing it often, under the wrong circumstances and with undesirable consequences. Drug use is considered deviant when it's taken for that person to "get high". This way attracts condemnation and thats considered deviant. Sometimes using medicines that are supposed to be prescribed, without a prescription is labeled as deviant, and it's always illegal. People that use a drug all the time are also considered deviant.

Alcohol is legal and conventional, but it can also be considered deviant. When alcohol is consumed destructively, chronicly or uncontrollably it is considered deviant. It also depends on religon. Traditional Mormons and strict fundamentalist Christians consider consumption deviant. Consuming alcohol in innappropriate occasions or situations is also deviant. Selling alcohol to a minor, driving under the influwnce, a minor buying alcohol and public intoxication are also deviant. Alcohol may sometimes cause violent behavior and that behavior is deviant.

Now is what I consider to be a level of drinking that is considered deviant. The paragraph above pretty much makes my points clear. I want to say that anything more than a drink or two is deviant. There is no need for someone to drink anymore than that. They just act stupid or say things that don't mean anything. Even start fights. I, personally don't see why anyone would drink any more needed than to say "take the edge off". They just end up doing things that they will regret later.