Almost Famous is a DreamWorks picture and a Vinyl films production, directed, written and produced by Cameron Crowe. From which you can tell that this is a mainstream film. The opening shot is of someone writing on a notepad from there we go to be shown shots of 70's rock band memorabilia which look to be on a wall, while this is happening we have the diagetic sound of children playing in the street. From which we get the impression that this is in the room of a school child who is doing he or she's homework, and that the film has something to do with 70's rock and writing.


From The scene in the what seems to be a bedroom we go to a shot of an urban American street, maybe where the person in the bedroom lives with the exegetic sound of Alvin and the chipmunks singing a Christmas song, which lets us know that the film is set at Christmas time. We then go to a shot of which seems to be the local shops, and we come across a surf shop, seeing this and then seeing the next shot of a person riding a bike up a pier and people surfing the waves we know that the film is set on the coast of America.

The next scene is where we are first notified by the subtitles that the film is set in San Diego 1969, and are introduced to the first two characters. Who come out of a shop and walk down the local shopping street, one of the characters is a little boy and the other an older women, and from the fact that they are holding hands signals that they are mother and son.

The next scene goes from them walking down the local shopping street into there house where the mother is cooking. The camera then pans round and we are introduced to the third character a teenage girl that seems to be trying to sneak into the house and also checks her breath before she goes in, giving you the impression that she is scared of getting caught doing something. But when she opens the door something falls off and alerts the mother.