While I dreamed of a life among the elite, he dreamed of any life other than his father's. I felt disadvantaged from the beginning. But John was over advantaged. He had every thing that he could possible want in life, except the one thing that he actually did want. His father would never accept anything that he would say. He felt isolated.


After I finished my HSC, I did go on to study law at Sydney Uni, just like I said I would. And you know what. Ivy and I did catch up for that coffee we promised each other on Speech Night, and many more after that. Actually, whenever, we aren't in classes, we are always together. After we lost John, Ivy and I had to turn to each other. He had always been there to pull us up when we were down, but now Ivy and I need each other. Ivy is always there to make sure that I remember the way the John lived, not the way that he died. It's hard, I won't lie, but God I"m trying.

Together, with Ivy.

I finally learnt to see past Sera and her fake friendships. I learnt that true friendships are irreplaceable and always cherished, that you stand by a true friend through life, death and everything in between.


If it weren't for John's death, then I would never have become so close to Ivy and in turn, her brother. Thanks to John, I have found two people who will be my best friends for life. Because of one love of my life, I have found another. As I said before, I am Josephine Andretti who was never an Alibrandi, who should have been a Sandford and who never became a Coote, but soon to be a Lloyd. I am to marry Ivy's brother in a few hours. The two of us will share the rest of our lives.


John's death has made me stronger as a person, and although I only just realise it, John is always with me. Affecting each and every decision that I make till the day I die. We will share my life.


John, Ivy and I are no longer alone. And never will be. All we have to remember is that no matter what, we will always be together.