The users of social media are mainly youth in the society. The last election broke the record for the highest voter turnout by the youth thus the significance of social media in the society. The youth were able to communicate with each other and realize the need for change in the political environment in the nation. The president also used the internet to collect funds for his campaign. The use of the internet also allows wire of funds electronically to promote a candidate (Hendricks & Denton, 2009).

4. How have changes in where we obtain information about politics affected political behavior? Specifically discuss the decline of newspapers, the changes to television, and the impact of the Internet.

Newspapers are among the oldest modes of communication used to communicate information in the nation. Newspapers' publishing takes place daily thus the deviation in information is normally 12 hours. Events that happen today often published in the next day's paper affect the reliability of this form of communication mode. The invention of the television gives audiovisual information to the viewer and information received aired at the time received. The use of the internet has improved the coverage of information within a nation. The quality of information derived from the preferred source and timeliness differs. Although newspapers are slow to deliver current information, they give detail as the editors have time to compile and release the information. Information from the newspaper considered as the conventional way to obtain news thus still used by many people.

There has been a decline in the use of newspapers with many people preferring televisions and the internet. The television provides footage of events happing in the nation. This mode of providing information to the public does not require the effort of reading and provides current information. The use of the television is wide in the nation thus many politicians use the media to engage with the citizens. The use of television allows the people to listen to the policies supported by a politician thus enable them to make their choice during election period. The internet is the latest technology affecting the political environment.

Politicians have been able to use the internet to gain support from the people. Politicians have used the internet to address the key issues affecting the members of the society through their websites. Many political parties have websites regularly updated to capture the activities of the party. The websites list the policies supported and how it aims to achieve the policies. Another reason for the decline of the newspaper is the production of the digital newspaper made possible through the internet. The internet has improved the content that the people have access. The problem is that there is a lot of information on the internet that some sites may give misleading information to the reader. The use of blogs has enabled people to give their opinion that has negatively affected the field of politics. Political parties that have a great following have been able to obtain funds to run their election campaign through the internet (Rosenau & Singh, 2002).


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