"American spirit" to me is knowing and being proud that you live in America. On a special day of the year like president's day or Independence Day whatever it is even every day of the week you should hang a flag or at least be proud to see it when you do see the flag. I know I am proud when I see flags raised to the top of the flagpole. I am usually not very happy when I see the flag half-mast but I know America is there and I can always feel protected in it. I feel that if you have the spirit then you will always stand by our country weather it be at war or at peace always stand by. Even if you don't agree with it maybe speak your thoughts a little but don't make other people suffer by blocking bridges for instance. Just stand by your country in pride and let it do its thing.

I think a figure that symbolizes "American spirit" is the American flag obviously. After a war or a big event has happened to America. For instance September 11th you didn't see all the flags down. They were all up and half-mast showing that we weren't going to give up and let them kick us while we were down. .

Also what I liked to see in "American spirit" is after September 11th all the American flags that were printed out and taped to the back window of people's cars. That tells me that they aren't given up on our country. Also the bumper stickers that say "These colors don't run" then its got red, white, and blue on the sticker I really liked them. .

Also after the famous date of September 11th where many Americans died there was lots of support through out all the communities helping the families that lost loved family members. Like at our school we had times in the morning where you could just go hold hands in a circle around the American flag if you wanted to get your feelings out. There was lots of support group's open for people that lost loved ones in the September 11th incident.

A statue that I really like is the Iwo Jima memorial statue.