Why do we have to read a story about a dead girl? What makes her so important that she needs to be known by so many? Anna Wood's story, compiled by friends and family was a message to the rest of the population. The story's main issue on drug abuse amongst teenagers sparked certain responses and attitudes towards its varied audience.

The audience knew all about Anna Wood's character. This was done by repetition. Everyone in the book basically said they same thing about her, she was so great, she had a lovely personality, she was so beautiful, and so on Nothing negative was ever said about Anna. For a person who chose her own path towards death, the narrator makes her sound so flawless. This makes the audience sympathise for Anna's death, hence the bias story.

Anna Wood was no angel. No ones children ever are, but that's how parens like to look at their child. In Anna Wood's case, her parents overlooked her character. They "suspected" she smoked but "they turned a blind eye" and accepted this as a part of growing up. The parents challenge the dominating attitudes and values of our society, hence the negative attitude towards Angela and Tony Wood. Parents who "care" about their children's health would have made them quit. The message derived from this issue, be more aware of your children's activities.

Another message that came across to parent readers on the topic of drug abuse was to educate your children on these illegal substances. Parents can be too optimistic when it comes to their children, thinking "she just wasn't the type". Everyone is a potential drug user. It didn't stop the "smart and independent minded" Anna Wood.

The teenagers in this text are represented to be rebellious and constructed as a problem. This supports the dominant values and attitudes of our society, encouraging readers to relate this to their personal lives. "Mum! Do you think I"m stupid to do that?" Anna said to her mother after being told about the dangers of mind-altering substances.