There are many problems in today's society. And as the governor of Ohio I want to pass laws to help change some of these problems. The problems I am going to try and help solve are pollution, poverty, and drug control. I hope I will be able to make a change for the better while I"m serving my term.

Pollution is a major problem in today's society. It causes smog, acid rain, and much more. There is a hole in the ozone layer because of pollution. Major causes of pollution are car exhaust, factory smokestacks, and burning waste in landfills. If everyone does his or her part we can make this planet a better place to live. One of laws I am proposing is that all factories must have a filter on all smokestacks and all smokestacks must be cleaned twice a month at the least. The other law I am trying to pass is that landfills may only burn their waste twice a month. Everyone will have to make a sacrifice to cut down on the pollution problem but if we can stick to these laws I think this will help.

Have you ever driven by a broken down house and said "I feel bad for them I wish I could help." Well now you can. Help me pass the laws I am proposing and this planet will be a better place for everyone. I want to pass a law saying that any family making lower than $15,000 per year must be under some type of financial assistance. I think this will help many lower class families in their situation.

Drug control is a touchy subject. There may not be much we can do about this problem but there is a little. We already have classes in schools about drug abuse and the results of drug use but those just affects the students. I propose we make it mandatory for every American to go to a "drug abuse and the result of use" seminar. This will let them know what the results of drug use and tell them the effects of it later in life. I think this will help the drug problem in Ohio.

Pollution, poverty, and drug control are serious problems in today's society and they can be solved.