"Terra Nullus" or "empty land", described Australia through the eyes of Captain James .

Cook and the Endeavour when they first anchored in Botany Bay in 1770. With the .

Endeavour more or less a part of Britain, brought with it not only British men, women and .

firepower but more importantly British Culture, its western influence, its ideologies and .

diseases which were to impact critically on the health and wellbeing of the indigenous .

people and dramatically decreasing their health and wellbeing status. .

All people have their own culturally determined and socially structured health care .

systems, some more complex than others but all suited to and working for their specific .

society. In aboriginal Australia, the indigenous health care system is part of a unique .

complex, which includes descriptions of well being, explanations of illness causation, .

healing practices and prerequisite social behaviours for the person experiencing the .

illness ( Reid, J. and Thrompf, P. 1991). .

When Europeans introduced alien diseases such as smallpox, influenza, pneumonia, .

typhoid fever, mumps, scarlet fever, diptheria, gonorrhoea and syphilis to the aboriginal .

population. As a result of colonisation their whole health care system was severely .

affected as their traditional healing methods could not fight such unknowns. All .

epidemics such whether smallpox or influenza proved especially disastrous for .

aborigines because all members of a community were equally susceptible which meant .

that no immediate family member was able to nurse the sick, to bring food or even water .

which was essential for survival. Barwick 1971 regarded the main cause of decline in .

numbers of aboriginals had been due to the introduction of these alien diseases which .

were known able to wipe out whole families and communities at a time. This dramatically .

affected the health and well being of the aboriginal people in a negative way.

The introduction and eventual forced conformity to the British culture and its ideologies is .