However, the mixture of ethnicities comes with different religious believes. This makes it quite hard for me and other people who are of the same origin as I to link up and practice our worship rituals. Moreover, the major religion here is Christianity. This makes my religion lesser and hence the challenge to manage to practice it.

Being a simple slave, some activities are a luxury that I can only dream of (Kellogg, 2005). Such include accessing recreational facilities and being able to enjoy freely. Socializing is a thing of the rich and those people who have status within the community. There is only one bar in the neighborhood that serves all the slave workers and the people who do the manual labor. This point of meeting for the weak and lowly persons brings together people of many ethnic groups and hence, there is always tension in the bar. Recreation for every person of color is a privilege for all ages (Brill, 2007). Also in the bar, the price of the drinks is quite high. These recreation outlets are hence hard to access and also due to the high costs of the facilities and the services, it becomes quite a challenge.

In the settlement, there is the other factor of insecurity. The security of the people is not certain, and there are widespread deaths and mugging incidences. This is creating antagonistic atmosphere between the people. The diversity in ethnicity within the neighborhood is causing divisions along the ethnic lines. These divisions will not work well for us as my ethnic group is greatly discriminated, being considered to be just as good as animals (Kellogg, 2005). Moreover, these divisions are being used by the whites to oppress us more since we do not have unity among ourselves. The farm owners are also not concerned with the living situations of the people and even our security.

However, with the growing push for free and fair trade from the business corporate, opportunities are opening up for the common simple man to be able to establish themselves (In Grigg, 2008). This is an opportunity that I have investigated, and I have taken the step to get into the transportation business. This will help me to explore myself more and hence create a better life for myself and family. The transportation of the farm inputs from the sea ports to the interior and also transporting the farm produce to the harbor for shipment to the other regions is a promising business opening. The future is not clearly defined, but this little hope for better life is worth clinging to since it is my only chance.

Also as the fight and struggle for freedom and emancipation of the people and the nation continues, there is hope that there will be equality and fairness for all people of all races to practice their beliefs freely. With these very good developments, it is possible to raise hope for a better tomorrow. There is indeed hope in the future of my life.


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