"Come on, Hurry up, get in line- they told us, as we waited silently, like we had practiced doing many times. I can remember the music, just before they threw us to the lions. The smoke came, and we crept on stage. It was fine, nothing big, until the smoke lifted, and there they were, thousands of faces, waiting for us to impress them. Naturally we were all nervous, but we did our best, and by the end of the night we had forgotten the downside and couldn't wait until the next night so we could do it again. .

My family were very proud of me for being in the hippodrome, I got to meet famous people like Mathew Kelly, from Stars in your eyes, and the chuckle brothers. Mathew Kelly always gave us chocolate, and signed our autograph books, I bet he must have got sick of it after the first hundred, but he never showed it. Jessica and I had a brilliant time.

I have known Jessica since I was two, when we were younger she came over to my house and we used to give our Barbie's a haircut, and throw the hair out of the window so nobody would find out, but one time my mom was standing out side under my window and the hair fell onto her head as usual we got into trouble. I've always loved playing with peoples hair, styling it, that's why I want to be a hair dresser, I want to own my own salon, be in charge of everyone, I love being in complete control. .

Sadly I can't have complete control over everything, for example, My Nan and Grandad used to teach line dancing, I went I made friends, unfortunately so did my grandad he made friends with a women called Alison and after three years of having an affair with her he finally left us.

My Nan has since moved on with her life and now has a fianc~A(c)e. When I was little I covered my face with nail varnish, my Nan foolishly tried to remove it with nail varnish remover, and it knocked me out, I had to go to hospital but I was alight. My Nan is in the process of buying a house, with a spare bedroom, she said that my friends could stop over as when they stop at mine my annoying brother and sisters wind us up.