I moved to my house on my dad's birthday the year I started preschool. I was so excited to have a new house and a new neighborhood. Maybe this one wouldn't be full of elderly people and there would be a kid that I could spend the summer with. I ran up to the corner and I saw Annie. She would go on to become my best friend. We spent the summer together, making lemonade stands and dreaming of our first year of school. We hoped to have class together to giggle at all of the cute guys; not knowing that we wouldn't share a class until our freshman year of high school.

As the years went by we spent many long summer days together playing cops and robbers and freeze tag with the neighborhood boys. Our carefree days of dress-up, Barbies, and mock space shuttle missions seemed to never end. We chased butterflies and shooed the wasps. I flirted with Joey Presto and we kissed behind the lilac bush. Unaware of the threats that were lurking in our back yards, we ran barefoot throughout the neighborhood.

It was one of those innocent games of freeze tag that soon turned into tragedy! The Presto boys were chasing us around my side yard, when all of a sudden Annie started screaming! We all ran over to her and asked her what was wrong. She said that she didn't know and that her foot just hurt really badly. I helped her limp over to my front porch and I yelled inside for my mom to hurry because Annie was dying!.

My mom rushed out to examine Annie's foot. The diagnosis: a sweat bee sting. My mom was relieved that it wasn't anything more serious than that. Annie wasn't relieved though, she started crying again and told us about how she is extremely allergic to bee stings. As my mom pulled the small bee that was still attached to its stinger out of Annie's toe I called her parents. Annie's parents came to get her immediately and they rushed out to the hospital because she was going to go in Anaphylactic shock, they just knew it! The way that they were carrying on I thought that she was going to die in less than an hour.