I was in ninth grade when I was told, by my parents, that I had no choice but to go to King Academy, which is a private school in Saluda, South Carolina. I was coming from a very small, public school called Hollywood Elementary, which went from grades K-4 to 8th grade. All my friends were going to go to our public high school in Saluda. I was so mad at my parents, because I was leaving my friends behind.

It took me a while to adjust to King, because it was very different from Hollywood and so were the people of coarse because they were not my friends that I had grown up with the last nine years of my life. I was a new girl so the guys were really interested in me that made me interested in them. I was very popular with the guys, but none really caught my eye. I like challenges so when I met what would soon to be my long term boyfriend lets just say I was interested in him. He was in 8th grade and I was a freshman so it was kind of different to talk to someone a year younger, especially in high school.

We talked about going out for a month and then on January 24, 2000 he finally asked me if I would go out with him, as boy friend and girl friend. Of course I said yes, because I had been waiting on him for a while to ask me! We were like to peas in a pod! No one could ever split us apart and no one ever saw us with out each other, unless we were at own houses, which was 45 minutes away, so that wasn't easy for us to see each other on the weekends.

Our first summer came and all we could do is think of how much we would be together. It wasn't easy but we made it through it. All of a sudden we were hitting our one-year anniversary and I couldn't believe it, but neither could he. We were so in "love" and we thought we would always be together. We would talk about marriage, kids, our past, and future, friends, our problems, and anything that was on our minds all the time. We were inseparable and nothing could ever change that, at least that is what we thought.