I find this genre very appealing because the writing is so imaginative and the creativity required to pull such ideas out of ones head is unfathomable. The stories are often intensely decriptive, and I can visualize what exactly is happening just like I am experienceing it for myself. All of what takes place is so out of the ordinary It makes my mind come to life and inspires me to try to create for myself. Science fiction is truley a workout for the brain, unlike where other fiction genres are realistic, I like to visualize what I wouldn't see in the mundane and disgusting world in which we live.

Why I selected this book:.

I selected the book because throughout my life i have been fascinated with the idea of being able to travel through the only real constant in life: time. To leave the present, to see what has happened and find out why everything has become what it is and to understand the why in the world is such an appetizing thought for me. My mind hungers to know why it all is this way, so I like time travel because if it were ever possible, I'd sell my soul to find the answers.

Characteristics of The Genre.

Science ficiton involves technology that modern day science cannot explain or has yet to be realized. It also involves upon a world or realm that is a result of a different situation outcome in the past, or a situation that mankind has yet to encounter. The genre has a series of events based around a core character(s),usually a journey or adventure involving a realization of self, usually these events are unrealistic, as expected with fiction pieces. I enjoy that the setting of the novel is impossible to duplicate in real life and that there are extremely elaborate descriptions of the world which surrounds the core character. Usually in science fiction novels often the core character(s) finds him/herself not belonging in the world they are in and core character(s) is unusually intelligent.