But more importantly, her decision is to remain faithful to her promise. She does not consider that she has another option. Even though she has been raised in a land apart from the law, and the direct influences of YHWH, her heart is tender to his purpose.

The story continues of discovering Boaz, the nearest relative of Naomi who is an age which maybe interested in marrying Ruth. He is a wealthy land owner, and through a series of ceremonial customs, Boaz expressed his desire to wed Ruth, after Ruth displays her humble and servant hearted character by reaping food for her step mother in obedience to her step mothers requests. We do not know ho much time has passed since Naomi and Ruth have returned dot Israel in search of a family. Often as we turn the pages of scripture, we are not award of how much time or effort has gone into a particular endeavor. In Ruth 3.11 the reader is given a picture of the passage of time. Boaz has expressed his appreciation for Ruth's kindness to him, and he says "The whole city of my people knows that you are a virtuous woman." God is at work in Ruth's life although his name is not present. He is working to weave a future for a virtuous and caring woman to whom life had been exceedingly unkind.

Family lineage was important in Israel, as the tribes kept written records of their ancestors for generations, from the time they were deposited in Egypt until the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. The final 2 points of Ruth's story are related to lineage. Ruth and Boaz are wed. They give birth to Obed. Obed is the father of Jesse, who in turn is the father of David, the king. From David the king, the everlasting King is descendent, Jesus of Nazareth.

The next important lesson to find in Ruth's story is that the traits of the parents are passed along to the children, who then often repeat the patterns. Ruth and Boaz had an exceptional relationship which was birthed out of respecting traditions, and vows, and being faithful to ones commitments. The character of these two parents was undoubtedly passed along thorough training and example to Obed, and Jesse, who became the father of a king. We cannot see the day-to-day lessons which were passed along within this family, but the bachelor Boaz and the widow Ruth both found god's grace in the events of their lives. Certainly these lessons were passes along to their children.

Secondly, and of greater importance, Ruth's presence in David's lineage, and therefore in Jesus line of human ancestors, casts an important shadow onto the life of the King of kings. Jesus was sent for the salvation of all people, Jew and gentile. Although he was born as a Jew, his message of eternal life was for all men. When his great-great-great... grandmother is from a gentile tribe, the presence of god's message is clear for all to see. Jesus is sent as the redemption for all men.

There are times when we cannot see the direct guidance of God in our life. There are times when the consequences of our choices are set into motion, and one would more easily hold back the sea with a broom than stop the just consequences of our actions from coming to pass. The final lesson of Ruth, and of God's interaction with mankind, is that regardless of what we have done in our lives, or the amount of trouble we have suffered, when god is first place in our hearts and lives, he will work things out for our redemption, and for his purpose, the revelation of Himself to theā€¦