America is a densley populated country with a mix of ethnic origon and religious beliefs. In the film documentary "bowling for coumbine" Micheal Moore investigates the tradgic Columbine massacre where in April 20 1999 two students walked in to the library of columbine high school with two automatic machine guns and grenades purchased from a local supermarket for "hunting purposes". They began to murder 14 students, 1 teacher and injure many more in a mindless assault that lasted 55 minutes before they finally turned the guns on them selves. .

The killers where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold both aged 18.

The most intriging thing about Micheal Moore's film was the simalarity in the USA and Canada. They have the same gun laws, the same movies, computer games and violent tv shows. So what makes Canada so different? Why are there less murders?.

While this seems to be a valid point there are some corrections to Moore's film :.

1.In the US, guns are dissplayed right next to childrens toys in a natural progression, but not in Canada.

2.Alchol in america is legal to drink when you are 21, while in Canada it is 19. So it is not alchohol that causes problems in the US, if it were surley Canada would have more gun crime.

Vancouver is one of canadas largest cities but a ten minute ferry ride and you will find Seattle, a city with roughly the same population as Vancouver. Yet Seatle's murder rate is ten times greater than Vancouver.

Another starteling fact Moore presented was that Canadians do leave their front doors open if they will be back in a couple of hours.

This is true, but what he failed to point out is like with Australia, communities are widley spread out and to walk home from town would take hours. Where as to walk home from town in Edinburgh would be no hardship to a lot of us. When you have such communities in Canada you will find that there are no strangers, everyone knows everyone and they trust each other because the communities are so small.