I decided to observe the window in my bedroom from looking at it outside and then how it appears from the inside. I viewed the window at two different times in the day to see how it changed. First I went outside, in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun was high, and looked at the window. The tree in the front of the window was casting a shadow because it was blocking the sun. Where the sun was shining on the window it was casting a glare that shot directly into my eyes. I could hear birds chirping, cars driving by with the music loud and the squirrels running around in the trees. Also, where the sun was directly on the window I had trouble trying to see inside my room but where the tree was casting a shadow it was easier to make out what was on the other side of the window.

Later that night when I went outside the sun was gone. There was no longer a glare in my eye. I was able to see inside the room because the light had been on. Things had now quieted down. The cars were still there but the music was now not able to be heard. Instead of squirrels or birds, I heard crickets and frogs. I was thinking how more peaceful and quiet it was with out the noise of everyday life. From looking out the window from inside my room the sun was out and was reflecting on my gem I had hanging in the window. The gem shot out rainbows all over my room that was reflected from the sun. I could see birds flying from tree to tree, branches, and leafs blowing in the wind and squirrels running across the grass. There was a shadow on my floor in the shape of my window from the way the sun was hitting it. While viewing all this I could hear my television on that was in the other room, my roommates down the hall and my computer buzzing. At some points, it was a distraction.

When the sun was gone and I came back in my room I could see nothing outside except for the patch of grass the streetlight was shining on.