79 Sexual Aversion Disorder are characterized by several qualities. One sign of this disorder is a persistent avoidance of all or almost all sexual contact which is present in this particular case. The next sign of SAD can be noticed if this disturbance grows into interpersonal difficulty with others, also present n this case.

Question 4

Spiritual connectivity plays a much larger role in this case than the more scientific explanations that were mentioned before. Love is a spiritual action, where there is no love, there is fear. Fear of connectivity with the higher spirit is a common trait amongst many married couples. Until they understand that a marriage is covenant with God, this relationship will most likely still experience these intimacy issues.

The ultimate purpose of marriage is not sex, security, companionship, or even love and procreation, though they all are components of this merger. The primary purpose of marriage is the formation of a spiritual union with another person, and it is only within such a union that all other roles of marriage have meaning. Relating together spiritually means creatively combining two people's schedules. Spouses have to be flexible, committed, and have realistic expectations for what they want to happen in the relationship. Genesis 2:24 explained it best: " That is why a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh." Incorporating the spirit of God into a marriage is ultimately necessary for it to be recognized as legitimate in His eyes.

Question 5

The good news about this case is that the solution is easily understood. Applying what is needed is the more challenging aspect of this treatment. One method is to refer this couple to their spiritual leaders who can offer some of the more subtle explanations about the importance of intimacy in God's image. To get appropriate treatment for Sexual Aversion Disorder, this couple must commit to working with a professional Christian counselor with experience treating sexual disorders. Seeking help at a treatment center specializing in the treatment of sexual disorders will help to this couple move forward and begin having a satisfying sexual relationship with one another.

This couple needs to learn how to communicate their needs to one another and find interest in the things on the inside, rather than the outside. Sexual connectivity, sustained in a long-term relationship must continually re-explore their partner's soul to find and eventually consecrate the physical actions. Balance should be kept as a guiding principle as this couple should continue seeing a counselor as well. A restoration of faith appears to be in order as well. Mr. And Mrs. J, both need to look inward for solutions to this problem. Christ works from the inside out and fixing what is necessary on the inside is preliminary before any true healing should be expected.


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