A mother is the foundation of a happy and healthy home and family. She is a caregiver, a helper, a companion, and always a shoulder to cry on. All mothers, however, are different in their own ways. Above all, a mother loves her children and will usually always put them first in her life.

Some mothers are very overprotective and will not allow their children to participate in anything dangerous or unsupervised. An overprotective mother will call a day care every hour her child is there. She will only call, of course, assuming she researched enough information about the day care service and chose to leave her child under their care. She also walks her child into school every day and is waiting at the door whenever the end-of-the-day bell sounds. An overprotective mother may just seem careful and kind in the earlier years, but soon becomes a burden as the adolescent and teenage years draw near. She watches her child's every move and calls every hour he or she is not home. She rarely lets her child ride with another teenage driver and usually sets the dating age at eighteen. A mother like this can seem like a hassle, but deep down, it is the love for her child that drives her overprotective tendencies.

A complete opposite of an overprotective mother is a mother who is never around for her children. A child with a mother like this usually provides everything for herself and often helps take care of other siblings. A mother who isn't around for her children doesn't care much about her their interests and activities and may even pay them off with money to please them. If a mother chooses to be like this, she usually has a hard time communicating with her children and may never truly understand how they feel. .

Some teenage girls have mothers that try to be a teenager themselves again and never seem to grow up. These girls are envied by her friends because she has the "cool" mom. That teenager, however, wants a mom that will shop for her instead of with her, care about her feelings instead of caring about who she's dating, and talk to her about her problems instead of causing more.