People, long lines and high prices are three things college students have to deal with in the bookstore at the start of every semester. .

There has to be an easier way, right? .

The Internet makes everything easy, and it is also a good place to buy your textbooks come school time, or is it?.

It is common for web sites to sell textbooks cheaper than your local textbook store, but is it really worth it to order your books online? Are the books really that much cheaper? It is given that ordering online is much more comfortable than waiting in a hot and sticky bookstore full of students eager to get the hell out. But how can you be sure that the right book will arrive on your doorstep on the day that you need it? .

Does the ultimate choice of ordering your books online, or in your local bookstore burden you? .

In the bookstore you are offered first hand help. You know for sure that you are going to walk out with the right book. Returning the book comes easier because you can do that after class. If you were to order your books online, returning it would not be as convenient. When would you get the right book back when dropping it off at the local Post Office? .

Another unpleasant thing about the bookstore is the rush. Eric Esper, architecture major, said that he did not get the help he needed because of the rush to get books. Clearly when the store is packed with students eager to get their books and get out, there is not going to be enough help to go around. Esper explained, "If it was slow, I am sure they would have served my needs." Another student, Mina Peterson, had good things to say about the bookstore. "It was so easy," Peterson commented. You walk in, get the help you need, buy the book and you are out of the store and ready to study.

Another obstacle to think about is the high prices. Even though Internet prices are only an average of 10 dollars lower than those at a bookstore, those 10 dollars seem like 100 dollars to a starving college student.