The couple used in the study here has asked for their names to be changed. In respect to that request, they will be referred to as John, and Jane. John is a 22-year-old male from North Carolina, he currently is working in a restaurant making decent wages. John is a few credits shy of graduating from UNCW, however, due to his addiction his education has been delayed. Jane is a 21-year-old female from Kentucky, currently working two jobs. Her first job is at a local gentleman's club, the other is in a restaurant. Her highest level of education is completion of High School.

The two met at a local bar in downtown Wilmington called The Liquid Room. Both John and Jane were drunk when the met that night on the dance floor. John approached Jane, and began dancing, and eventually went to the bar for some more drinks. The night continued with a cab ride back to Jane's apartment, where the two spent the night. Since that magic night, John and Jane have been together for three to four glorious months.


John and Jane have frequent contact with each other. John lives in the apartments located near campus, Cypress Point. While Jane lives a few blocks away in, The Loft's, located off of Racine Drive. They live so close together in fact, that instead of driving to each other's house, they often walk.

Mere Exposure Effect.

John and Jane are together for the majority of the week. The only time the two are separated is when working. However, John often visits Jane while she is working at her first job, in the gentleman's club. The two switch sleeping arrangements weekly, sleeping at either John's apartment, or Jane's loft. They borrow each other's cars constantly if one needs repair, even share John's cell phone. .

Perceived Physical Attractiveness.

Both John and Jane, find each other attractive in some ways. John, is an ex-basketball star, still works out occasionally. Due to his drinking problem, his exercise has been limited in the past year.