They are In the stories that are read to children when they are little. They are in movies that are seen by people of all ages. Almost everybody in this world has or has had a hero at one or more times in their life. These heroes can be known for doing the right thing, helping others, religious reasons, etc. In the story Beowulf, the main character is a man, whose name by coincidence is Beowulf, who is portrayed as a super hero. The book discusses many f the reasons why one might address him as a hero.

Beowulf is very courageous, he is very strong both mentally and physically, and he possesses a great character and personality. Beowulf Is unlike any other warrior before his time. He has certain qualities that set him aside from other warriors. In part 1 of Beowulf, there Is a scene where Grendel, an evil monster, Is coming Into the mead-hall and taking 30 men at a time so he can feast upon them. Beowulf knows that he can take Grendel down, that Is, he can kill him once and for all so his people don't have to worry about the monster eturning for any more "snacks. Before Grendel comes to the mead-hall, Beowulf " began to remove his iron breast-mail, took off the helmet and handed his attendant the patterned sword... " (1646/The Fight with Grendel/671-673). This scene makes it blatantly obvious that Beowulf is full of courage. He knows that Grendel ". possess[es] a wild strength" (1 647/The Fight with Grendel/682-683). Although this fact does not detour Beowulfs thought. The courage that Beowulf has is continued in part 2 of Beowulf when he goes to fight and kill Grendel's mother who is seeking revenge on her slain son.

The only twist Is... Grendel's mother's lair is underwater. The swim took Beowulf .. the best part of a day before he could see the solid bottom" (1666/Beowulf Fights Grendel's Mother/1495-1496). This action of swlmmlng so deep and for so long surely shows how courageous Beowulf is, and then after the swim he slays Grendel's mother. Beowulf also possesses a mentally and physically sound body. When he was preparing for battle with Grendel, he was sure that " ... the Divine Lord in His wisdom grant[s] the glory of victory to whichever side He sees fit" (1647/The Fight with

Grendel/685-687). Beowulf is strong in his faith and that proves to me how strong he is mentally. He is constantly saying making references to God and is sure in God's actions. When Beowulf goes to fight Grendel's mother in part 2, there is a scene which shows the brute strength that Beowulf possesses. Beowulf is in a tight situation when the sword Hrunting falls "to bite" (1666/Beowulf Fights Grendel's Mother/1 524) Into Grendel's mother's flesh. Grendel's mother then pins Beowulf down and attempts to drive a dagger through his chest but his chain-mall saves him.

Once he gets back up on his feet, "... he saw a blade that boded well... but so huge and 1557-1561). The sword was "from the days of the giants," which is why it is so big and heavy. The author evens says that Beowulf is the only person capable of using the sword in battle. That shows how strong Beowulf truly is. Lastly, Beowulf possesses a wonderful character. When Grendel feasts upon Beowulf's people, Beowulf takes it upon himself to help his people. He isn't even asked to. Also, when Beowulf defeats Grendel's mother he leaves with Grendel's ead and a hilt that is "embossed with Jewels. Beowulf takes these prizes to the ". son of Halfdane, prince of the Shieldings... " (1669/Another Celebration at Heorot/ 1652) and hands them over to the old lord. He had defeated Grendel's mother and assured the Danes that they need not be worried about losing any of their people anymore. The "son of the Halfdane" spoke to Beowulf and said "... you are even- tempered, prudent, and resolute" (1670/Another Celebration at Heorot/1705-1706). This statement backs up my opinion of Beowulf possessing a great character.

As I have shown, Beowulf truly is a superhero, and for more than Just one reason. His fights with Grendel and Grendel's mother shows how physically strong he is. His faith in his Lord shows how strong he is mentally. These fights also show how courageous Beowulf is. It takes guts to fght an evil monster wearing nothing but one's own flesh and wielding no weapons except one's own body. The fact that Beowulf gives the treasure he took from Grendel's mother's lair to the "prince of the Shieldings" shows Beowulfs character. All in all, Beowulf possesses the make-up ofa true superhero.