Communication Study Task - Comparison of two examples.

The two examples for my comparison study task are a "Designed Tourism" web page and Emails. They are both forms of computer-mediated communication. As a society we are moving towards advanced and continuous of I.T. as a major form of communication. The purpose of the two is to aim toward an audience gaining knowledge quickly and easily, to advertise their business worldwide and provide entertainment.

The Designed Tourism Web page is information based (it may contain email facilities) which enables to user to gain easy access to the facts. There are minimum text and diagrams provided, not overloading with information or causing the audience confusion. Therefore, keywords are chosen carefully. The language used is very concise and explicit, including words such as luxurious, cultural and inspiring. .

The web page has a professional appearance dur to the graphics layout and styles of font chosen. The graphics was specifically designed for the web page and were pictures of Australian landscape. It can also contain animated gifs and sounds to give it a more the appealing look, however as this is my designed webpage, I didn't include it for the web page because I believed it wasn't necessary. .

There are other effects incorporated, such as links (leading you to another web site/page and scrolling texts (known as marquee), giving the finished product an impression of professionalism.

The web page is dealing with a wider but specific audience using a user-friendly manner. Webpages have a more formal approach to communication. It is advertising tours in Central Australia so therefore it is aimed towards tourist or for people who wants to experience life in the outback. .

On the other hand, emails are considerably different. The letter "E" in emails means electronic. Any kind of electronic mail is email, whether or not it's broadcasted on the Internet.