All human beings in this world have 99% identical genes. So we are only different from each other by 1%. But why are we so different and complex that we cannot find another person whom could be the same as us? Why can't everyone just be filled with good thoughts, understanding, and kind, generous and on the whole is a good person?.

I guess this is where god's miracle lies. HE has created has 99 percent the same and let each of us become an individual by our own initiative. I guess is that's why science hasn't found out how the brain works. Maybe it is HIS will that it would never be found out. .

And HE has let Mother Nature to mould us according to our own initiative. Which means we can become anyone whom we want to become. We can be an evil person, good person, doctor, engineer, an addict, a drunkard etc and the list goes on to whatever or whoever you could imagine and there is no limit to it. Having said that, now the million-dollar question is how does this process occur. And why do some becomes evil when everyone knows that evil is bad. To answer this question we have to go back to the roots and analyze how does a baby start learning.

We all know that our brain is the main center where every process is initiated. For the brain to decide on any functions it need information and data. Where does the brain get its data? Brain gets its data and information from our five senses. The Sight, Feel, Hear, Taste and Smell senses are the data collector for the brain. Due to our presence or our located position all these five senses won't be working at the same efficiency level. In different environment would require a different sense to work at its peak level where else the other senses would be working at a lower level of activeness. When the brain makes a decision it will use data's collector from all the five senses. But off course decisions would be made using the data from the most active sense and the data's from the other senses would be used in different priority level according to their activess.