Counter Strike is a first person shooter where your goal is to kill as many enemy as possible and survive long enough to complete your objectives. In order to do this you must have some idea of basic strategy just to stay alive. Just the process of picking teams affects your objectives and weapons.

The very first thing your going to have to do is pick your set of controls . Controls vary so all really have to do is pick what is comfortable for you. After your controls are picked you need to select a name for yourself names also vary person to person. Once your name and control setting are picked you need to select a server to play on . Server environments vary and may have different rules on what allowed so find one that suits your need. When you become a seasoned player you will also select server on what levels they are playing.

After you have selected a server your going what team your going to be on. In Counter Strike there are two teams Terriost and Counter Terriost . As a terriost your missions will consist of killing counter terriost , bombing targets or protecting hostages from counter terriost rescue attempts. As a counter teriost your job is to stop terriost from blowing up a target area and rescuing hostages from terriost control.

When you select your team and jump in to action there are some basic weapon technique that will keep you alive longer. Weapon selection is important depending on what weapon you pick you"ll have different accuracy at different ranges. Also all weapons have different rates of fire and damage. When firing your weapon you want to shoot with a controlled rate of fire because this allows for more accurate shots.

There are also some basic strategies that allow you to survive longer. If your come under enemy fire it is best to run from side to side this throws off there shot and makes you a harder target to hit. If you prefer waiting for your target you may also use a strategy called "camping" which basically means you wait in a area of opportunity and kill unsuspecting targets running thru the area.