It made me sick to the stomach to know what people can do to their loved ones. Have you ever had any of your relatives or family members murdered by their own spouse? I have, it was not a good experience for me as a teenager still trying to grow in society. Having a death in a family is one thing, but having them murdered is another.

It was one of those Sunday evenings after I came home from church. I was all alone at home and the phone began to ring. I dashed toward the phone and answered it. "Hello? Oh, hey Aunt Kim, how are you?" She answered back in a calm voice, "Did you hear about your aunt Julie?" I told her that I didn't. "Well then, I"m sorry David, but I have bad news. Your aunt Julie was found dead this morning." I was stunned by the four letter word, "dead." I hung up the phone after saying good bye and then I began to think of a way to distract myself from this terrible news. I knew that Saturday Night Live was on Comedy Central, so I quickly turned the television on and watched it until I slowly started to forget about my aunt's death. .

Later around 9P.M., my Mom came home. As soon as she entered the house, I told her to calm down and that I needed to tell her something. At first, she was excited, thinking that I was going to tell her excellent news. It was hard for me to tell her, but I said it anyway. "Mom, calm down first, ok, here we go. Mom, your sister Julie died this morning." As soon as I said it, she smacked me in the head telling me not to ever joke around like I did right now. I told her that Aunt Kim called and told me this. My mom's expression was something that has never been seen in my life. Her mouth was wide open with her eyes widening more and more. She wanted assurance, so she quickly ran to her room to get the phone. She called up all of my relatives to come over our house to discuss the tragedy.

An hour later, my relatives arrived to discuss the details to what had happened to Aunt Julie.