Cultures in Texas

The United States are practically a hallmark for minorities living together in peace, with people from various races and backgrounds. The majority of people here are caucasian, but in the last few years non-white minorities have experienced a constant growth in numbers. The state of Texas is among the states in which white people are virtually a minority, as they hold less than 50% of all the people in the state.

Texas has become the fourth state in the U.S. where the whites have lost their majority in numbers. Similar to California, New Mexico, and Hawaii, Texas is a state with a majority-minority population. Latin-Americans hold the first place when considering the minority with the most people within California, New Mexico, and Texas. Unlike the other majority-minority population states, Hawaii has Asian-Americans as the minority with the most people. Several other U.S. states are showing signs of becoming states with majority-minority populations.

Specialists claim that the biggest threat that these states face is to grow poorer than they presently are. This is mostly due to the fact that minorities within these states are not being treated as whites are. (msnbc) the morals of people within these states are also brought down and risk becoming less competitive if measures are not taken. With more and more states losing their percentage of whites, the poverty problem could become a problem for the whole country. In a typical U.S. state where immigrants are flowing in, the main difficulty is to bring the new and younger immigrant community to the level of the older white community already residing in the respective state. According to demographer Steve Murdock, the number of minorities in the U.S. will reach that of the white majority before the first half of the 21st century. (msnbc)

Afro-Americans within the U.S. have experienced a lot of cultural growth from the time that the first black people were brought into America. The black people in the state of Texas have encountered severe discrimination as the years passed. The probability of the blacks to fully integrate into the white population had been too little for one to believe that they would eventually succeed.

For the black community in Texas to show signs of preserving a cultural history, blacks had to express their artistic character. "The cultural history of black people was discernible through black artistic expression in the preservation of black history, in music, in painting, in literature, and in the theatre." (Bruce a. Glasrud, James Smallwood) Near the half of the 20th century it seemed that the black Texans had evolved when concerning their social status. However, their cultural presence had not been felt until that time.

Martin Luther King Jr. has brought a huge advancement for the lives of black people in the U.S. A new holiday has been created after his death, as a recognition to his achievements in the filed of civil rights. The holiday did not have the expected effects in Texas in its first years, as it had been recognized only as a bank holiday at first. (Texas Almanac) Martin Luther King Jr. meant to recreate the events that took place in India with Mahatma Gandhi using a non-violent method to obtain independence against the British. At first, the effects of Martin Luther's actions were not felt, but black people all over the U.S. started to feel the effects of his actions as time passed.

Texan Afro-Americans started to get involved more in the Texan community being eager to participate to the welfare of their state, affirm their identity and conserve their cultural heritage. Eventually, black Texans wanted to ask for their rights as equal citizens of the U.S., and voting, eating in restaurants and similar activities are not dreams anymore.

Black Texans are now approximately 12% of Texas's population and most of the Afro-Americans here originate from Blacks brought in by the English before 1860. Black people in theā€¦