I was born in Ostrava in September 1973. One year later I was baptized in a small church called St. Matj and I was given a second name KateA?A,ina. Fortunately this wasn't a name after my godfather as the common practice mainly calls for. The thing is that my godfather's name was Hartwald. I was brought up in one of the most beautiful parts of Prague, close to A...A A?reckA(C) valley that is known from the old Czech myths. I could hardly imagine moving somewhere else but today I live in Prague - Barrandov above a valley called ProkopskA(C). This is also a nice place; a lot of people go walking or jogging there every day. During the summer they enjoy a lovely brook flowing through the valley and even a very small lake. However, nothing compares to the place I was born and I do hope to return there again. .

I have one sister, she is 5 years younger than me and her name is MarkA(C)ta. She was named after my favorite heroine of children's book. Because both families - my mother's as well as my father's - are religious my sister was also baptized when she was 1 year old. In contrast to me her baptizm took place in TA?A,eboA? and she was given a second name Magdalena.

My father s family comes from the south of Bohemia. Nevertheless at the time when I was born my father s family lived in Prague. My grandfather worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and my grandmother was a tram-driver. They lived in an apartment in one of Prague s city garden, in a villa with a nice garden full of fruit treas. Soon after my birth they moved back to the south to a village called BA?A,ilice situated 3 km from the spa city TA?A,eboA?. My grandmother, who is 85, still lives there and runs a small homestead.

My father has two sisters; the older lives in Prague too but she intends to move soon into her recently reconstructed family house in TA?A,eboA? to enjoy her retirement and to help and keep an eye on her old mother.