Dangerous Wonder- The Adventures of Childlike Faith.

Dangerous Wonder is an amazing book that puts a whole different twist to faith. It allows us to return to the innocent, trusting child that we all once were and have so quickly grown out of. Coloring outside the lines, playing hide-n-seek, building a spaceship. Yaconelli encourages the reader to reflect on his/her own childhood and current state while giving us many passionate and intimate stories of his life and those around him. He shows us how most humans are now living a dull, passionless life and that we yearn for the excitement, wonder, desire to savor and listen in order to hear the whisper of God and to fully live a meaningful and rewarding life. It is all about finding what actions and characteristics are important and essential, which were all things that came naturally to us as children and were either forgotten or socialized out of us. Returning us to a childlike-state, he reminds us of what it really means to be alive and not just making a living. .

This book is AMAZING! I laughed, I cried, and smiled at the stories, while picturing me being a part of each one. I honestly haven't read a book that I have enjoyed this much for a very long time.


Yaconelli talked a lot about finding the time to play. Life is not, nor should be, all work. School, work, relationships and everyday life can easily turn into work' and the fun can quickly fade. My examples all come from one place- my baby. Okay, our baby.

For my two roommates and me, we have found an outlet of unending fun and love. We have a baby kitty named Colby, who in just a mere matter of minutes melted all of our hearts. When any one of us is stressed he is always there ready to pounce on absolutely anything, give us kitty kisses, or give us a purr. He could make anyone smile! We have had people over who don't even like cats or even pets in general, and by just spending five minutes with this guy, they always change their minds.