Thought time students have been going in and out of school, learning the needed or .

required information so they can pass, get the desired grade or learn it and dump the .

information as soon as possible. I could say the same for me up until last year when I .

discovered DECA, this organization is run through marketing. Marketing Helps students .

to understand the more relevant information that is far more applicable than some things .

you learn today. Marketing teaches you how to create an idea and bring it to life by .

"learning how to sell effectively". This has helped me in countless ways, being able to .

sell an idea through promotional campaigns is a vital skill in today's world, As well as .

feeling confident in front of groups while presenting your promotional ideas. These skills .

have helped me more than I could ever imagine.

Before I get to in depth about the benefits, let me describe DECA a little better.

DECA is a organization made up of marketing students who do things like "sell cookies .

at a game" or other fundraising activities. DECA is not at all limited to that, there is a .

state and even a national competition for students who wish to attend. This is when you .

get to portray all of your hard work into presentations from areas such as "sports and .

entertainment marketing" and "entrepreneurship." This is no small deal, your .

presentation is judged, rated and rewards are given to the exceptional campaigns in which .

students put together. You meet great people in DECA and it is a growing Organization, .

Our Lake Oswego chapter is a very competitive team, we sent several students to the .

National competition. There is even scholarships given to marketing students, DECA .

opens up doors and you should not only get involved but utilize the chance to learn .

information and strategies which you will be reliant on the rest of your life. Take my .

advice, don't waste your time through high school moaning about how you"ll "never use .