Fashion Designer of the Year:

This award goes to a female member of our community who has demonstrated outstanding originality, fashion sense, success and innovation in the field of fashion design. The purpose of this award is to recognize achievement in the fashion world of our local community and recognize the ability, gifts, talents and expectations that we see and hold for the winner of this award. This year's winner is one who has consistently demonstrated style, competence, showmanship, and drive, acting both as a leader in fashion design and a supporter of the industry through her commitment to the field and, most importantly, her design concepts.

Philanthropist of the Year:

The Philanthropist of the Year award is presented to an outstanding member of the community who has made philanthropy the heart and soul of her life. Giving not just in terms of dollars but also in terms of time, self, and ideas -- the recipient of this award is one in whom we recognize all the wonderful traits and characteristics that a healthy, functioning society expects and needs from its leaders, who through their grit, determination, creativity, and passion for humanity effect the balance and support that keeps us all moving towards the ideal society that we wish to build.

Made in Nigeria Product of the Year:

This award goes to recognize a local producer from our community who has touched the lives of individuals through innovative design, manufacturing, and/or production. The Made in Nigeria Product of the Year recognizes achievement in the realm of commercial business, where a local producer has crafted a product that has had a significant and substantial impact on the marketplace. By acknowledging Nigerian producers with this award, we aim to encourage further Nigerian development and innovation so that our community may flourish with ideas and home-grown products.

Film and TV Director of the Year:

The Film and TV Director of the Year award goes to a member of the film and television community who has contributed to the overall quality of the industry through her work on a particular film or television series. The purpose of this award is to highlight the achievements a single female director, whose vision, skill, and focused energy has helped to produce an entertaining and informative work that Nigerians can be proud of. It goes to recognize distinction of voice, greatness of leadership, and strength in delivery.

TV Personalities of the Year:

This award is presented to a female TV personality who has demonstrated admirable qualities in Nigerian television. The award is notable for recognizing not only the greatness and attractiveness of the woman's personality but also the desirableness of her presence. If she could be with us everywhere, hosting all of life's events, our Nigerian community would be that much richer. Alas, we have her only in segmented slots -- but to show our appreciation, this award is given, with the hope that we will be seeing much more of her in the years to come, and the expectation that our days and nights will be made that much brighter as a result.

Photographer of the Year:

This award recognizes achievement in the field of photography and is presented to a woman within our community who has shown exceptionable ability and achievement in…