Desdemona is the embodient of sweetness and innocence.She is whole hearted in her love and even Iago says that when she once promises to do some thing she thinks it dishonourable not to do more than what is expected of her. Desdemona betrays considerable tactlessness and some thing of childish obstinacy and persistence in her pleading for cassio.The clever Iago seems to have foreseen this and cautioned Othello that over-insistent pleading for Cassio,on his wife's behalf,would mean that she is really pleading the case of her lover.

She does not realise the change in her husband when he demands the handkerchief and she again and again tries to remind him that he must grant an interview to Cassio. If the play require a hero as unreflecting as Othello,it also requires a victam as unrealistic as Desdemona. Desdemona is the most pathetic of the heroines of Shakespeare.She shows the greatest boldness and initiative in secretly marrying the black warrior vissage she has seen in his mind.Her behaviour is full of a pathetic childlikeness when othello tells her that he must kill her.

She begs him to give her reprieve of a day,a few hours,a few minutes,if only to say her prayers.When she regains consiousness for amoment, her last breath is spent on trying to protect her and her very last words are that Emilia may commend her to her lord.After Desdemona's death the pathos in her situation,and the tragic waste of her undeserved early death, is underlined in Othello's laments as well as in his tribute to her as a pearl richer than all his tribe,which he foolishly threw away in his ignorance. Emilia's staunch loyalty and Cassio's warm admiration are also tributes to the worth and attractiveness of Desdemona's personality.