The urban legend that I chose is a well known and very believable. It is based on the horrific outcomes of drunk driving, and why you should never trust someone else's ability to drive under the influence..

A teen-aged girl named Nicky was sitting in class one Friday afternoon. One of her girl friends passed her a note telling about a party that was to take place that night. Not only would there be lots of alcohol, but Brandon, one of her crushes was going to be there. She then returned the note to her friend saying she would be there no matter what.

When school got out she went to volley ball and cheer leading practice. She played for the varsity volleyball team and was captain of the cheer leading squad. After practice, she went home and told her parents that she was going out. When they refused, Nicky just smiled and said, "Ok, maybe next time-. She then lied, explaining she was going up stairs to take a shower and go to bed. But after the shower instead of going to bed, she did her hair and make-up, put on her sexiest dress and called her friend to come pick her up. When the friend arrived Nicky climbed out her window, hopped in her car and took off: for the party.

At the party, she mingled, she laughed, she drank. After a few, Nicky hooked up with her crush Brandon. He had been drinking too, though much more heavily, and after Nicky had caught up Brandon convinced her to come with him to a local make out spot. Once parked the two began to kiss, but Brandon wanted more. When he became too forward Nicky insisted that he drive her back to the party. Frustrated and angered Brandon backed out and took off recklessly down the road. Mean while Nicky's parents had discovered she was missing and had went out looking for her. It was now raining as Brandon's car careened down the country road. He took a corner too fast, drifted into the other lane and crashed head on into an on coming vehicle.

When Nicky awoke in the hospital, she knew she had been badly injured and didn't have much time left.