The vigilant eyes of Dolley made the influential people to learn mutually and work in unison by adopting bipartisan ways. As the political system in America did not have an official two-party system, the anticipated aim of Dolley' to bring everyone into the room and making them learn to behave and intermingle as human beings was an imperative effort to make.

Dolley was an intelligent woman and availed every drawing room opportunity to use the social circles for doing realistic and politicking for James Madison. Her participation in every crucial matter of diplomatic relations proved really beneficial for as her frequent interventions broke the ice between her husband and a number of politicians and government officials. She was a witty lady who knew how to use words, food and her gracious nature to lessen the intensely hot debates and conversations. Dolley turned out to be one of the most important benefactors in the history of America by "giving many prominent men, such as Nicholas Trist, the diplomat, their start in government service, while creating ties between her family and other powerful political clans." 4 She had a really large network that crossed regions and parties.

Until the end of Madison's second term in the office in 1817, James and Dolley Madison lived in Washington. They then chose Virginia as their home and lived there till 1836 (the year of Jame's death).

4 C. Allgor, "The Politics of Love," Humanities 31, 1 (2010): 14-53.

In 1837, Dolley returned to Washington and picked up where she left off as a well-liked hostess in the White House for President Jefferson. Her responsibilities included the entertainment and amusement of friends and government representatives.

Dolley was also successful in inventing a role for all the subsequent First Ladies. She modeled herself as the "appealing figure" for her husband's government. The bureaucracy was absent and established constitution in the federal government was the sign that the people in America put great emphasis on leaders for assertion and encouragement. Following the Revolution, the Americans looked up to the personality and example of George Washington as their ultimate hero. Thus, this place was taken up by Dolley Madison during the controversial early state. Dolley was a clever lady in a positive manner and used personality to dominate people with her appearance and conduct. She was able to use her beautiful costumes, bountiful entertainments and sense of simplicity for transmitting messages of authority, firmness and encouragement to the people of the Western World. However, her good heart made people like and admire her as compared to her outer appearance. She had a special ability of making people feel exceptionally unique. Her sharp memory allowed her to never forget a name, face or an individual's background. In short, such admirable qualities of compassion, tenderness and chivalrous concern are enough to reveal why she is still unforgettable, famous and well-recognized.5

5 C. Allgor, "The Politics of Love," Humanities 31, 1 (2010): 14-53.

Dolley was indeed the first American "First Lady" who led the social scene in the American capital. She introduced an interestingly unique fashion of her own and played politics in the indirect way that wasn't done before. She was a favorite among both domestic and international officials due to her admirable personality that knew how to win hearts. Her compassionate soul left her physical body in 1849 at the age of 81. Her funeral was attended by thousands and thousands of people who admired her and thus revealed her dignified status. Dolley had an exceptional ability of bringing people together. Therefore, it won't be incorrect to say that she did the same at even at her final event on the Earth.


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