The last day of the six day creation was the day when man began to walk the earth i.e. The day God created people and land animals. Coming back to how much one day actually was, God is clearly trying to mention to us through his book that he made the earth in just six ordinary days and has used the words evening and day together to make us understand. (Kooten, 2005)


Though the two views of the origin of the Earth seem miles apart, there may be a few similarities between the two theories. The first and foremost matter in which both theories agree is that there was definitely a beginning of this Earth, contrary to the belief that it was also present. Moreover, the Big Bang Theory's main claim is that the Earth and universe expanded with time, rather than being created as it is in one go. The Six Day Creation too claims that at one point of time, the Heavens literally stretched out. (Drees, 2001)

However, although these claims at the surface agree, the Big Bang Theory begins the timeline of the Earth back to more than 15 billion years ago, where the Six Day says it was roughly 6000 years ago. Along with this major difference, while the Big Bang states that the Sun was first created and then the Earth came about, Six Day says that it was actually the creation of the Earth that came before the creation of the Sun. Moreover, the Six Day theory claims that the stars and moons and other constellations were made around the same time as the Sun and the Earth, Big Bang goes against this theory and says that these bodies came about a very long time after.

I support the Six Day Creation for several reasons. First of all, the Big Bang theory in itself does not tell us much to believe it completely because it is based on a few laws of Physics however, these laws do not explain the major components of this model. The theory explains through mathematical equations only what happened after the bang and the expansion started off. It does not explain why the expansion primarily started off. With the Six Day Creation, the conclusion is not based on science that at times, tries to prove things that are not entirely true by applying equations that just coincidentally fit in. The Genesis however, clearly states that there was a higher entity, meaning God, who created the Heavens and the Earth. Moreover, the fact that Jesus too had shown his support towards the previous scriptures such as the Genesis is proof on its own. Having blind faith in a scripture and in God being a super being who is able to do all things is much more convincing to hear than a theory such as the Big Bang that is likely to be considered as a mistake a few years later, as is the fate of many scientific deductions.


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