The procedure to carry out this engine performance test is divided into three parts that is the procedure before the experiment, during the experiment and after the experiment. The procedure before the experiment is to set up the experimental equipments and to ensure the engine is able to operate properly.

As for the procedure during the experiment, it is to collect the engine operating data. These data include fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, operating temperatures, intake air pressure, intake air velocity for various engine speeds with different loads. This procedure is divided into two stages. The first stage is to collect the data during the engine warm up whereas the second stage is to collect the data in steady state condition. In second stage, there are two types of test to be carried out that is the fuel consumption test and the engine performance test.

Then, it is follow up by the procedure after experiment to clear and tidy up the experimental equipments. The procedures are as follows:-.

(A)Before Experiment.

1.Prepare the data sheets and table.

2.Record the ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.

3.Check the cooling water level at radiator and refill if necessary.

4.Check the fuel tank and refill the gasoline if necessary.

5.Check the lubrication oil level, and refill the oil if necessary.

6.Check all the device and wire connections.

(These devices include thermocouple scanner, air velocity meter, pressure gauge, dynamometer load meter, automotive emission analyzer, and computer system).

7.Ensure the engine is in good condition and is able to operate properly.

8.Switch on the air compressor to operate the exhaust suction device. .

9.Switch on the air fan and water pump to circulate the dynamometer coolant. .

10.Ensure the engine is free of load.

11.Runs the computer program and other measuring devices.

(B)During Experiment.

(I)Engine warm up.

1.Start the ignition key to run the engine.