It is a dark and cold morning, the sun wasnt even out yet and Im already getting to work. Im a care taker , so what I do is I take of peoples home for them. I got off the bus still half asleep and walk into the office. Once I got to my desk I already have a new job for me to work on. So I sat down on my comfortable chair and look at the file. There was nothing on the form except for the address of the house and the hand print of a child. Also the address seemed kind of familiar to me. I kept on thinking where did see that address of this house. Then it hit me I saw it in the newspaper like a year ago. It said that the father killed the mother, then wrapped her in a plastic bag, then he dragged the body up to the addict . Then he killed himself, but they also have a son but he was never found, but if he was found he would be eleven years old now. .

I didnt really want to do this one but my boss said I had to, or I'll be fired. So I asked my best friend Eric, a super rich guy that doesnt have to work went with me to this freaky house up on the hill top. My friend Eric rolled up in his Cadillac on twenty twos and we went up to the house with me. The ride up to the house was the most spookiest ride I ever had. When we got there the whole place was a big mess. The front lawn was filled with trash and inside the house was even worse. So I cleaned up the downstairs, then I went up stairs to clean up the rest of the of the mess. While I was picking up the rest of trash I heard a cat's growl coming from the master bedroom. So I went in and check it out, to see what was in there. So I walked through the long dark hall to the bedroom. While I was walking through the hall I notice some hand prints on the wall. The same hand print that was on the form, I thought it must be some kid playing around, so I walk on to the bedroom. When I got to the bed room the lights wont turn on and I didnt want to go back down to get the flash light, so I just went in.