Most people would like to choose the right, righteous way to live. This would be the moral thing to do. We all have different opinions as to right and wrong. As it was in the 1960's, "if it feels good, do it." It was not necessarily right, therefore the moral system went to pot. When it infringes incorrectly or inappropriately on another person, that is when it becomes an evil, immoral action.

Most of our moral/ethics has been outlined for us. All we have to do is to follow the guidelines and every one can be taken care of in a natural, humane way that is good for all.

We need to start with the One God that we serve. He is an awesome and loving God that has given us only ten rules/laws to live by. In living by these ten rules God, self and others are respected, loved and cared for. It does not become just a "me first" society, that will endanger all that a person comes in contact with. This is the "good" of ethics and morality.

1.I believe we have one God to serve.

2.We cannot serve two masters, so we serve the One God that has taught us right from wrong.

3.By God being the Almighty and loving God he is we do not use His name in vain/an inappropriate manner. This also shows respect for others that would be offended by such language.

4.He gave us a day of rest to remember Him and to worship. We now use that day for worship and to be able to use our time for family and friends. To show consideration for them and those we may come in contact with.

5.We show honor and respect to our father and mother, can go further. We should honor all persons. Why should life be so difficult that a person has trouble in caring for and considering others?.

6.Murder of another, premeditated and calculated is wrong. We can get in a debate for vengeance, but that would be premeditated. Also the debate on war. But that to me is for the protection of ones own, be it family, friends or country.

7.When you dishonor another through the act of adultery.