Group Problem Solving Self-Evaluation.

Our group facilitated a class discussion about the importance of blood donation in Austin. Our group consisted of five members, Erin Mc Kinney, Tyler O" Halloran, Ryan Ponsonby, Brandi Wiess, and myself. Each member contributed in his or her own way, and in the end I think our result was a successful grade on this project.

Erin took the role of the leader of our group as well as the procedural technician. She was the person who took it upon herself to type, assemble, and/ or email anything we may have had to turn in. She explained to us she had been burned in other groups when she did not take charge so none of us objected to this. Brandi was our info giver or expert on the situation. She knew the subject we were working on the best and had the information we needed readily at her fingertips because she works in a blood bank everyday. Brandi answered any questions we might have had easily. Ryan was an elaborator, he tended to try to rephrase thing people would say to try and see them in a different light in order to better understand. Tyler and I were both followers/ contributors, neither of us had strong opinions about the tasks assignments, we both just wanted to help wherever the holes might be that need to be filled. Tyler also helped make some of the visual aids bigger that Brandi had provided. If I had to improve something about myself in this group, I wish I had been a bit more assertive. I found myself content to follow others because I felt like I did not know anything about the subject at hand, or because someone else was asking to lead.

Overall this experience with the group went very smoothly perhaps because we developed well as a team. In the orientation phase we were all initially anxious because we were not familiar with each other. After talking a while and completing a group exercise in class we fell into our roles. Though the second phase of group development is conflict, it was a different type of conflict; it was more of a brainstorming session about Ideas for different situations in our presentation.