There he was, standing there before me. Dressed in the same damn outfit he's always in: black cape, black mask, a black shirt with a thin strip of purple down the center, black latex pants and black metallic shoes. Evil Nemesis can become so predictable after a while. That evil laugh he puts on "Muahaha- its scary the first time he does it but now, every single time the same stupid laugh. Does he not realize that he is being laughed at behind his back? I must do something about him, but it will have to wait, I've got lots more serious work to attend to, plus if I"m seen near this guy I am going to loose any respect I may have gained amongst my peers.

My name is Max Vupour; I"m the bad guy. Unfortunately I wasn't given a cool or evil last name; instead I was born from a mediocre bad guy, Sid Vupour. He was the kind of guy who would feature in one battle and never be seen again so it is up to me to make a name for myself. Most guys I talk to have to follow the same routine set up for them by their ancestors. With villains dying everyday, there is an inheritance system that has been set up by those like me, and, like all things there's lawyers involved, unfortunately I had no choice but to become Max Vupour, and I got a mountain of paperwork at home to prove it to you. I don't know why I was picked by Sid, and at the start I thought it was an ludicrous idea, but it started to grow on me and now I couldn't think of anything better to be doing with my life. Most people spend their lives wishing for more, I just want to have my one chance, whether I die in the process or not doesn't matter, it was going to happen eventually. .

If I were going to terrorize the city I would first have to defeat the cities savior, standard bad guy stuff you pick up in school, however this is the new millennium and I figure its time for change. At the moment the hero, the guy that everybody loves, is Monty Malvolich.